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Hello fellow diaper lovers, welcome to my diaper lover section of DiaperGroup.com's Adult Baby Resources! Here is a little teaser from a diaper lovers story that will be avaible soon.

"Sammy was nearly dripping from her crotch when her hands were removed from the hook on the wall. Alex removed the shorts and panties from the red-assed girl. Sammy was told to lie down on the floor on her back. Alex went over to a bag on the floor and removed an adult sized disposable diaper.

Sammy saw the diaper as Alex returned to the girl on the floor and began to unfold it. Sammy wasnít sure what to think, but she was so turned on by the spanking she just got, she didnít really care. Alex told the girl to lift her hips up and she slid the back of the diaper under Sammy. Sammy put her sore butt back down to the ground on top of the diaper and Alex began to pull the front into place. When it was pulled tight across Sammyís pussy lips, she moaned just a bit. Alex quickly fastened the tapes at the sides of Sammyís hips..."

If you just can't wait for more diaper punishment you should check out diaper chicks, they have some pretty sexy stuff. =)

And this is a pick of one of my favorite diaper lovers, Calla. She does all kinds of stuff and lets you watch.
If you wana see a real diaper lover/adult baby check out diaper chicks. Or see her diaper lover friend Paris at diaperedparis.com.

xoxo - Adult Baby Cindy